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Morse 30 Button Ceili C/g Anglo For Sale


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Due to the imminent arrival of a new concertina I am reluctantly forced to give up my Morse C/G. It was purchased new in October 2009 from The Button Box, used for 18 months reasonably steadily, and then mostly idle for the last couple of years. It is a great instrument, and a wonderful move up from the entry Rochelle and Stagi starter instruments. Condition is perfect, scratch free, always kept in a hard case (included with the sale). The key layout is Jeffries with a modification to button 1, top row, right side to be C#/C# (ala Dipper layout) and button 2, top row, right side to F#/D#. Rosewood ends. Black fitted hard case.

The instrument is selling new for $2450 at The Button Box....I am asking $2,000.

I will be bringing it along to the Northeast Concertina Workshop in Greenfield April 13, so if you are interested and would like to see and try out the instrument, drop me a PM.

Donation to the Forum if if brings me a buyer.



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Hello ,


I am interested in the Morse concertina - I assume it is still available since it

is still posted . Would it be possible to have it on 48 hour approval ? How

are you imaging that the financial transaction would be conducted ? I am

in Portland OR . I have a 100 year old Lachenal in good condition but

think the layout of the Morse that you are selling would be more to my liking .

I am an experienced C#/D accordion player and new to the concertina .


Kiki Adamovics


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I haven't received a reply to my post about whether the instrument is still available .

I am new to this posting business , so I am not sure if I've done something incorrectly .


That's because the seller hasn't been online here since you made your original post.



Kiki, try sending the seller a PM here (click on his name by his post, then on the "Send Me a Message" button). Even if he doesn't come on line here, he'll receive an email saying that you've sent him a message and giving the text. That will hopefully prompt a reply.

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