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71 Key Wheatstone Duet; Sell Or Trade?

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I have no. 29226 surplus to requirements. It is a lightweight special Aeola with dural ends and reed shoes so significantly lighter than the norm. This is the instrument I have used for my Duet International submissions (if it ever comes out) and most of the recordings I have posted on Cnet, including, for example, the Debussy piece. When I got it the bellows were rebound by Mike Acott and with that and 7 years of playing they are now splendidly supple, yet stronger than the norm. It has just been at Richard Evans' for an expensive set up and refurb recently including rebushing, springs, valves and pads as well is in really good well-played-in form.


It has standard keyboards with the B and Bb below middle C on the RH and down to low F on the left. This is, in my opinion, the best size of duet for playing formal music.


Cons? Someone drilled holes to carry the keyboard on down in the bass endplate; these are covered by a blanking plate. It is covered by your hand when you play, and I doubt many people notice it. The tone is not as bright as a brass instrument. That's it.


It comes with the original handrests that had EC style thumb loops on them; the thumbloops are largely refurbished; I've done 9/10ths of the work; fitting them would be straight forward. THese and the lightweight construction make it a better bet than most as an instrument to play standing or walking. At the moment it has normal rests and straps fitted. It comes in the proper case, a bit beaten to look at but still capably doing the job of protecting it.


I reckon it ought to be worth £2850 in the current market. Cash is fine but I'm up for a swap too, because if you give me money I'll just go looking for an instrument to spend it on anyway.


At the moment it is in NZ. It will come to England towards the end of April to stay until disposed of. I will take it to Swaledale while I'm there.


Ideally I would like a small 50+ button 'Maccan' and cash or another duet, or even another concertina (or WHY?) of some other flavour, but I'm open to ideas and prepared to be creative given the state of the world at the moment. No bodhrans, thank you.


Why sell it? Well I have a 70 key special which I prefer to play. If this one had the same keyboard I would keep it as a reserve but my new toy is non-standard on the RH (goes lower) so I can't just hop from one to the other without a bit of work. Consequently this one is sitting unused.

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Sighs longingly . . .

Oh come on now, that's no good to me. Here I am willing to bend over backwards to do a deal and all you do is sigh. Get creative!
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Dirge ~ If you are interested, Ralph Jordan has a 56 key Maccann duet with NP ends, that he wants to sell



Thanks Chris, possibly, but first stage is to try and set up some sort of deal with the 71, given that I'm always game to consider some horse-trading. I can look at buying later (and when I do I know to ring Ralphie.)
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And yes still available, residing in Marlow Bucks and waiting for that special player.


I've extended my stay to the end of the month.

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