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New R. Morse & Co. "beaumont" Hayden Duet Model

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The Button Box is very happy to announce that our new Hayden duet model concertina - the "Beaumont" - is now available.


Here are the specs:


- 7" hexagonal format, with natural finish cherry ends and a 6-fold leather bellows

- 52 keys: 23 left (B-flat to b1) 29 right (b-flat to d3). See note chart.

- 1/4" Delrin buttons in rows parallel to the handrests

- responsive, high-quality Italian accordion reeds

- fast, light, riveted action with stainless-steel springs


Selling price is $3,850.00, including a a fitted, hardshell case. Photos and more info at:





Edited by Doug Creighton
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How did you come up with the name?

We were trying to come up with something that a) wasn't going to run afoul of existing trademarks B) had a certain positive feel to it and c) would have an association (for us) with Rich Morse. He was a big fan of rags, and "Beaumont" seemed like a good choice.

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Hooray! I saw the prototype at NECW, and I'm glad you've made it out to production!


Have there been any further refinements on the mechanism of the lever-linkage?

After countless hours of tinkering, we dropped the linkages. We couldn't get them to the point were the linkage button wasn't noticably more difficult to depress, and that only after many costly hours of adjustment. We're disappointed - it seemed like such a great idea. But in the end we're very pleased with the final product.

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Congratulations to Button Box for finally bringing out a Hayden Duet. It must be over 20 years since Rich Morse, Doug & Dana visited me to discuss the project. I know that Rich was especially keen to include the key of Bb into the set of "easy-peasy" keys, especially for the American market.

The instrument nicely fills the gap between the 42/46 button and 65/68 button instruments.


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Doug, so glad to see this box arrive on the market! Odd to think that just a few years ago there was just the $1000 Stagi and a few really high-end customs, and now we have Haydens at $400, $1000, $2400, $3800, and $6000 price-points.


Interesting that the Elise, Peacock, and Beaumont are all about the same size (~7" across flats) despite being 34, 42, and 52 buttons respectively. Can you let us know what the weight is on the Beaumont? I'm just curious how much heavier that the Peacock it is for being the same size.


Eagerly awaiting YouTube clips of the Beaumont demo!

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After countless hours of tinkering, we dropped the linkages.

So then the Eb" button and the D#" button on the right side play different pairs of reeds?


Also, out of curiosity, if one were to desire such an instrument but with the Hayden slanted rows, could it be made without too much extra work?

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Any chance of a Test Drive in Europe (or a promotional free sample) ?? ;)


Go Cat Dave might ask for the same regarding the US... :D


(and it's in a Tenor's range!)


If there is one in stock, I'll see it today. Today is the day my wife and I make our trek down to Sunderland! :D

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