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Are There Good Concertina Jokes Out There


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Almost lost the threads ... what was it about ? ;)


I like this one where after the checkup the doctor tells a musician he only got three more days to live.


Strange that to my inner eye the musician always appears as a double bass player ... no free reeds here just steel strings (not his nerves though) (now this is not part of the joke).


But from what ?

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What's the difference between a roadkilled hedgehog and a roadkilled concertina/melodeon/accordion/bodhran (delete as required)?


There are skid marks leading up to the hedgehog.



Perfect pitch?


When the concertina/melodeon/accordion/bodhran (delete as required) you pitch into the skip hits the banjo that's already there.



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How can you tell if the concert stage is level?...

Hurray, now we're on to the modified viola-player jokes :D


My favourite one of these is one I've usually heard told as being about a violinist and a viola player, but it'll do for boxes as well:


Did you hear about the time the concertina player locked his keys in the car?


It took three hours to get the melodeon player out.

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Then there was the guy who went into a second hand shop. The owner was a little surprised when the man spent a long time looking at the radiatior attached to the wall. After a while he wandered around some more and then fixed on the fire extinguisher. Eventually the man came up to the shop owner. "Nice accordion you have there, but how much for the saxaphone?"

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Fella goes into a bar and says to the barman...I've got a new Banjo joke... wanna hear it??


Barman stands up off his stool (all 6' 8" of him) and says " Have a care Buddy... I play a banjo.....and you see that bloke over there ( points to a 25 stone much scarred lump of Neanderthal gristle) he plays a Banjo too.......

and see him over there, (a pockmarked weasel faced mafia type sharpening a cut throat razor) he plays a Banjo too".




Well?? did you tell the Joke then??


What .......And have to explain it three times !! :lol:





Joke courtesy of Rob Murch..... A truly superb Banjo player...

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"My Grandfather used to play the concertina."

"Really, that`s interesting. English? "

"No he was Irish."



"My Grandfather used to play the concertina"

"Really ,that`s interesting. Duet?"

"Yes thanks, had my dinner before I came out.



"My grandfather used to play the concertina".

"Really,thats interesting.Anglo?"

"Yes! Thank goodness went back to live with her Mum."


Al ;)

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The english concertina player was just getting stuck into his first pint when he realised he had left his EC in the car. He rushed out, but it was too late. Someone had smashed the window and thrown two more in...

Bah! What they threw in were anglos, I'm sure. :P

Yes ... but there Are real good ones ... and thank you all for sharing ... so what if we start another thread titled 'Are There Any Bad Concertina Jokes ...'


And THIS couldn't have been me - I only own one


You all have a nice day today :)

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