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Possible Scam

Daniel Hersh

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Well, if it's not a scam, then why did the seller reuse some of the photos from the old listing as well as shamelessly copy some of the description text -- including the exact same wording about fingernail marks between the buttons? But what is even fishier is why have a listing for something that is supposed to be for sale from the US, but the pricing is in British Pounds?


I'd stay clear.


Ross Schlabach

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I was placing bid to the concertina Daniel mentioned.


It seems Ebay removed the listing.

The message says

"The listing was removed because the item appears to have been listed without the account holder's permission."


I was alarted to the Jeffries scum, but I was careless about Wakker's...

Cant be too careful when placing bid on Ebay.

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Sadly, 13 bids had already been received, so I suspect he'll contact the bidders with a story about why ebay pulled the listing and try to do a private deal with them, so his scam might work for him anyway.


He claimed to be from Ashland, Nebraska. I'm 90 minutes from there, and there is NOTHING in Ashland. It's a wide spot in the road.

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I regularyly use Ebay and have had few problems, BUT I'm wary of scammers and won't bid until I've confirmed the status.


This one had the red flags popping up - like parcelforce out of the US and pounds for the currency. Plus, and if you are planning on bidding on anything significant this is worth doing, when I clicked on the seller profile (not expecting to see much as it showed 0 sales) the item did not show up in the seller's listings (which is very suspicious).


My next step with a suspicious listing is to send the seller a simple question - and this case I go no response, which is virtually always a bad sign.


I have bought things from folks who have 0 sales and 0 feedback, but it's always worth doing a little checking. Ran into a similar scam out of Estonia on a camera I was interested in, and wound up reporting the listing and Ebay pulled it, so it remains "buyer beware".

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I don't know if it is tribute to eBay's alertness, the account holders or this site, but whenever I go to look at these scams, they have already disappeared.


I reported it to eBay around the same time that I posted here. Others may have reported it too.

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