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Another Jeffries Scam... And A Great Movie Plot.

David Levine

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It must be the same guy doing this. Wouldn't you think that at this point, after all these scams, the seller would be traceable?

Has anybody else read 419, by Will Ferguson? "419" is a type of advance fee computer fraud, most of which is coming out of Nigeria. The top three nations of origin of these scams are the United States, The United Kingdom, and Nigeria (in that order).

Wouldn't it be great if someone could do detective work leading to this guy's arrest? If we each put in $10 we could offer the total as a reward for his apprehension. Together that could amount to several thousand dollars. What a great movie that would make. How a bunch of concertina enthusiasts, dismayed at seeing their love of an instrument debased by a criminal, got together to offer a reward that led to the apprehension of the perpetrator.

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"A good day to squeeze hard"?!

"Squeeze Hard or Die!"(?)




"Odd Bellows"


"The World Accordion too, Garp"


"La guerre des boutons" (already taken)


Starring: Gill Bellows. Posthumous appearance by Red Buttons. Filmed in "Scamarama"

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It's an ecological niche. Remove the current occupant and a new one will move in, there's so many waiting.


Gone this afternoon, but back again tonight at 18.11 !!!!


When you are constructing scams that mostly fall on deaf ears, you have to be productive to get those occasional successes.


One of the funniest things about 419 scams is that they are always so obvious. But it turns out that is actually the best strategy for the scammer. If you get a cautious individual nibbling on your bait, you'll never take them the whole way, they'll rumble you before you take their money off them. So make the scam obvious so that only the gullible people take the bait. That way you don't waste your time cultivating a mark who won't be taken the whole way.

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