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My Concertina Video

Go Cat Dave

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I'm sorry to have offended you Mglamb. It was not my intention to offend you or anyone.


I did look at some of the models you mentioned with fewer buttons. And I may still go that route. However I mostly play by ear and fear that I will run into trouble with running out of notes on these models and get frustrated with the limitation. My preference would be to start with the same instrument which I intend to use for the long haul so that I do not have to retrain my brain to a new key setup once I have internalized the first one. That was my thought anyway. So I was taken aback when I saw how expensive these concertinas were. I decided to try to save up the money. But I also know how life can be and I do not doubt that there will always be practical, household, financial demands which will always appear, certainly to my wife, more important than a $3000 musical instrument for me.


Then my imagination kicked in. I thought, what if I could earn money specifically for the concertina? What if I could create a piece of music and an entertaining video that some people would enjoy and find value in? If they liked the song, perhaps they would want to buy the mp3. Perhaps there would be others who would like to join in on a fun adventure to see if I can reach my goal, maybe kicking in a few bucks or maybe just rooting me on. Just a bit of fun.


I guess there will be some people who are offended by my "cheek". I'm hoping there will be more who will smile and have a little laughter added to their day. No harm done. Or at least not much.


Again, sorry to have offended you.




Dave Kearney

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Thanks, Jim! Yeah, I'm thinking of making a pilgrimage down to The Button Box in Massachusetts one of these weekends and seeing about renting one of their Elise Duets. I can't wait to get my hands on one. :) Thanks again, for the encouragement!



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I am not offended. Far from it. I thought the vid was funny and very well done. I gave a couple of bucks, as I would to any busker who tickled my fancy. I don't see how anybody could fail to be impressed by, if nothing else, Dave's chutzpa. Plus he made me smile the whole way through. I posted it on thesession.org and touted it to some email contacts. I hope it goes viral and he gets his concertina.


But through all this, the thought of panhandling for concertina change never occurred to me. Maybe that's because most normal people don't have the creative instincts of the man from Maine.


Go, Cat Dave!

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Thank you so much, David, for the support, encouragement, and the donation! You made my day! And I really appreciate that you took the time and initiative to share my concertina quest with others! It will be wonderful indeed if it goes viral and I find myself in the position to afford a high quality instrument. But, no matter what happens, I am going to find a way to get started with the concertina. Even if it means renting a student model for a while. Where there is a will, there is a way. :)

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Here's a new one to strive for!


I would love to have one of those! And I might even get to touch one on Saturday. This weekend my wife and I are driving down to Massachusetts to spend a few hours at The Button Box! I'm so excited to check out all of the different instruments. My plan is to rent an Elise Duet. But we'll see what happens once I'm there. :D

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