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4 Concertina Vids On Morse Concertinas - John Mock

John Mock

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Hi guys.

I posted 2 videos in the general discussion forum a couple weeks ago... which I probably should have put here in the video forum instead.

Anyway... for anyone who's interested, I've added two more, so here's 4 concertina videos on Morse concertinas (a C/G and an Ab/Eb).

Thanks all!


The Sailor At The Fair:


For Those Lost At Sea:


The New Chatham Hornpipe:


Sailor's Hymn:


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As a side note, I must give credit to everything I've learned about concertina history to Dan M. Worrall. As everybody on this site knows, Dan wrote "The Anglo-German Concertina - A Social History". There's that chapter in volume 1 called "The Concertina at Sea". Thanks Dan, for bringing this history to light. It was a very enjoyable read, and the inspiration for "Sailor's Hymn"... I hope I got the story right :)

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Very nice. Love The New Chatham Hornpipe, but while it certainly has a nautical flair, for some reason when listening to it I had visions of old western movies, maybe something the Sons of the Pioneers would play while the cavalry goes on patrol.


Any chance the tune is in ABC notation somewhere so a person might learn it?

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Hi CJ,

I have standard music notation for everything which I can email as PDFs... I'm not really familiar with ABC, though I've heard it mentioned before on this forum. I'll definitely look into that. In the meantime, if you could use the music I could email a PDF (my email is johnmock@comcast.net ). But I'll definitely check out the ABC thing, since it sounds like a great option.

Thanks for the comment and your interest!

Talk soon,

- John

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