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Another Ebay Scam

Stephen Chambers

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Just a word of warning that the amboyna Wheatstone #34981, which has possible Stan Laurel connections, has been listed again on eBay by a scammer. It was originally sold, with exactly the same description and photos, on 21st July for $4,177.00 (Item #3735905860).


I have already informed eBay.

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I got an email from eBay this morning saying that:


I can confirm this member is no longer a registered user. Due to privacy

law, I am not at liberty to discuss the details of another members



Which is rather more informative than previous replies from them, in fact it is probably as much as they can say in the circumstances. The listing has now disappeared.

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Yes, the scammers are still at it. I got TWO "second chance" offers supposedly via ebay for another instrument I had been oubid on (not the amboyna), suggesting that the buyer was unable to purchase after all. I replied expressing interest, but also forwarded them onto ebay -- as I thought, it was bogus.


The point I want to make, though, is the "look" of it was very good and convincing -- lots of active links to ebay security and things like that, although those may not have been real either.


The tip off to me was that the email address of the contact was not the seller, whom I had already corresponded with. And then I got the second "second chance" offer, with yet another email address.


So be wary -- the people who are doing this have definitely improved their presentation!



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