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Wheatstone English Concertinas


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The Aeola is an interesting concertina. If I'm reading the ledger correctly it is quite the literally the last of the pre-war concertinas. Between the first notation (16 July) and the date completed (17 August), it's hard to imagine a 30 day period that changed the world more than that one.



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And lot 261, a rosewood ended treble, admitedly with good looking 6 fold bellows, went for £860 (plus buyers commission).


Strong prices in today's market given that they may all require some work (the baritone's thumb straps had disentigrated hinting that no work had been done for some time). Given that the end screws on all of these boxes were unfouled, they might at least not have suffered any bodgings in the past(?). That said, the aeola looked in very good condition (one of those '81 fret' models?).

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