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Two New Concertina Videos...

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Hi Mike, thanks for giving them a listen!

I really like the Morse. I have an Ab/Eb and a C/G just to vary the keys on the stuff I write. I also like the fact that, on the Morse, the lower (larger) reeds don't overpower the higher melody notes if you're playing chordal stuff...

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Nice tunes, nice playing. My only suggestion would be (when making future videos) to find some way to record them that doesn't involve placing that ugly, distracting microphone between you and the camera. In the 2nd tune it actually hides some of your right hand work.


Have you ever been to the Northeast Squeeze-In? I've never run across you there, but it seems like you'd be a natural, living in Connecticut and playing a Morse.

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Thanks guys, I'm glad you liked the tunes.


David - Yes, I'd love to go to the Squeeze-in. It seems like every year it comes up I have a gig booked with Maura O'Connell somewhere (Maura is a wonderful Irish singer that I play guitar for). We seem to always be working that same weekend. Maybe this year it'll work out... :)

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Since we are posting about videos in the general topic, I'll mention that I recently re-shot and re-posted my series on Scholer concertinas.



Unfortunately, the piece of footage in which I make dents in the button board by squeezing it in a pair of pliers got lost. That was to demonstrate the low quality of wood used. But even with that missing, I hope there is enough information to eliminate any curiosity about Scholer concertinas and help people avoid wasting their time and money on them.

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Really enjoyed both vids John.

The Hymn was just beautiful. I'm really like the way you used cords to accompany the melody.

(I'm going to have to buy Groovers book.)


The Hormpipe had a great bounce and made me want to get up and dance.


Lovely playing, thanks for posting.

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I'd just like to second all the appreciative comments on both the tunes and the playing. To my mind, this kind of music really brings out the best in the Anglo.


I also liked the introductory remarks about sailors in the old days playing their cheap, German concertinas for Sunday worship at sea. When I started out on the concertina in the 1960s, I also had a cheap, East-German 20-button instrument. I played it at our church youth fellowship evenings, and once, when we were at a summer camp out in the wilds of Co. Donegal, I actually used it to lead the singing at a Sunday service in a small Presbyterian church nearby.


So your lead-in to the hymn was at least plausible!




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