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Connor G/d Anglo For Sale - $2100 Usd


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Gerry has a Connors G/D 30 button Anglo concertina for sale on Craigslist, and lives in Vermont, USA. He has been trying to sell this gem for some time now. He bought/ordered it new about 12 years ago and it has basically gone unplayed. He's even lowered the price ($2100 now). I just about bought it but backed out at the last minute. This is about 1/2 the price of a new one (I think). It's all black leather (6 bellows) and has metal ends plus a D drone button. Original case included. Someone should snap this one up! He'll ship it to you--within the USA anyway, not sure about Europe and other locations. To email him directly this is his address gefalk@myfairpoint.net or phone 802.827.3868 in the US (he may be retired). I don't think he'll mind me helping him out here. I can't seem to paste the Craigslist address here, but just search Vermont + Concertina and you'll find it. It's the only one listed in the state!

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Are you saying that the low row is in D and the high one in G, rather than the (much more common) other way around?


In the interests of science, this is a D/G. It is a very fair price.



The owner advertised it as a D/G, but in his email he calls it a G/D...which is what I think it is. In any case, he says the first row is D, the 2nd row G, and the 3rd row is the various sharps and flats. Don't most 3 row Anglo concertinas name the 2nd row first...like C/G? So, in keeping with that, it would be a G/D. BTW, the G row is an octave lower than a regular G row on a C/G concertina. That's one reason I backed out. I need to play in unison with a fiddler in my band, not an octave below in G. The other reason is that most metal ends are a little too harsh for my taste...and this Connor is loud, but sounds great, at least it did over the phone.

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