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Hohner 1-row Ba In C


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This is a Hohner HA-114 model, the black version ("Cajun"), in C with 10 treble buttons, 4 stops (LMMH) and 2 spoon basses. I bought it in early 1998 to learn on. Back then the Chinese-made Ariettes were pretty bad, and this one (though some or all of it was probably also Asian-made) was clearly better. The tuning is a little wetter than the Louisiana makers use, but the sound is favored by some for zydeco. Very small and light compared to the modern Cajun boxes.


I am playing my Savoy Acadian most of the time, and I need to thin out my instrument stash (some concertinas will follow!). I'd be happy to use escrow dot com if the buyer pays the fees. I have a decent wood case I made myself. U.S. $425 without the case, $450 with. You pay shipping, or inspect and/or purchase at the Northeast Squeeze-In!


I don't have a photo, but here is one "borrowed" from Elderly of a very similar box currently for sale (for a similar price). Mine has black bellows and black bellows edges.


Ken Coles


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