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Larry Stout

Pete Dunk

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This is sad, but of course no surprise. I was amazed at the extent to which he was able to keep going after he mentioned his diagnosis here quite some time ago. I met Larry at the Northeast Squeeze-In a few years ago after noticing his posts both here and on the English Country Dancing list.


Rest in peace, Larry.

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I have just returned from Early Music Week at Pinewoods Camp in Plymouth, Massachusetts (actually, I'm not home yet, but the session ended yesterday). As I was leaving the dining hall for my car yesterday morning, I was flagged down by a fellow camper named Susan Burt who asked me if I had known Larry Stout. I told her pretty much the same thing I said in my earlier post, above, and it came out that Susan was Larry's wife of 30+ years. She told me her son Andrew had been keeping a blog about Larry at http://www.larrysnetwork.org. An obituary and photo are in the fourth entry down.

We parted with a hug ("for Larry") and tears on both sides.
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I became aware of Susan Burt and their relationship shortly after Larry's death because Susan kept up Larry's Facebook page as a memorial. I never met Larry, we just enjoyed chatting about tunes and exchanging music. Thanks for the update David and I'm pleased to know that you both met Larry and had the opportunity to share both tunes and musical ideas with him as well as meeting Susan and completing the circle to concertina.net.


Pete :)

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