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Wooden ended "tree of life" Edgely C/G for sale


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Hi there. I have a Edgely Concertina I have never gotten a chance to learn how to play. It is as good as new. I have only played it about 10 hours maximum. If you have skype capability I can play it for you and show you over the computer. I am at my parents house, where the instrument is, in Wisconsin for another 5 days or so. I bought it when I had the money hoping to get to learn back in 2011, then went and traveled the world for a year... Now I am in debt. I posted it a while back (my mom was going to sell it for me) when I was in a bind over in Romania, but never sold it. I can take pics and send it, or just show you over skype video call. I really need the money. I ended up borrowing money from my retired parents to get home from Europe, and I would really like to pay them back, so I am willing to let this go for less than I paid, though it is in absolutely perfect condition. I paid a little over 3000 US dollars for it at the time of purchase. I am willing to let it go now for less than I paid. Frank said he will answer any questions you have... I too will. He will vouch for me. He has the sales records, and can give you more info. Here is the description from his blog, before I bought it: This is the exact description on Frank's blog:


4/ "Special" wooden-ended "Tree of Life" model. This instrument is constructed of African Bubinga, with pau ferro and bloodwood trim and special handles. Professional Model with deep seven fold bellows and angled reedpans. This will be a very distinctive instrument. (see May 3, 2010 for design appearance) SOLD


You can see the actual pic on his blog... but I can send you live photos. My phone number in the USA is (920)905-9642... if you want to talk about it give a call, or if you want to set up a skype call I can do it pretty much any time. I really need to sell this so I am willing to negotiate. For someone who has patience this could be a wise investment that makes you some money. My name is Kevin Welnetz if you talk to Frank... the number on the concertina is 336, You should be able to tell him my name and the number on the concertina for him to pull up his records. Please if you know anyone who would buy this help me out. It comes with a hard water proof case, and I will ship where ever it needs to go. Thank you kindly.

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