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Lachenal English Edeophone


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Lachenal EC Edeophone Raised Metal Ends for New Home


Great Opportunity - All reasonable offers considered. Check out the buttonboxs.com they have a similar Edeophone for sale for $3800.


After much soul searching, I have decided to put my Edeophone up for sale. Why? This is my second year in the concertina world; quite honestly I am a recovering concertinist from "concertina acquisition neurosis". Since I started I have purchased a vintage Lachenal (brass), Wheatstone (steel) and a Wheatstone Baritone. I really like all of them but the reality is that I was simply not able to play all of them. This instrument deserves to be owned by someone who will play her.

I purchased her last year here on CNET from a very nice lady from the State of Washington below is what she wrote me all all hold true today.

"She is an English Concertina, 48 keys (lowest note is a G) 6 bellows folds, is tuned to concert pitch and has raised metal ends.

I bought this instrument in the early 1980's just after it was extensively refurbished by Colin Diper (His work stamp can be seen when the metal ends are removed).

The instrument is in excellent shape and has a full gorgeous sound and quick response. The serial #48055 which I think indicates it was around (1912)?

The concertina comes with a sturdy case that was hand crafted in 1985 especially for it."



I have decided to post it initially here on CNET hoping it is bought by someone who I know will appreciate her.


A great opportunity make and offer and my personal email is stephenknoll@yahoo.com

Thank you,





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I am very please to report that my Edeophone has found and new home and is returning to her motherland. Thank you Greg J. for all your help and support!! A donation has been made to the site. I don't know for sure if the new owner is a member as I could not find her in the directory...her name is Caz. Congratulation Caz for a fine adoption!


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