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New sqeeezebox simulator

chris ryall

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There - typing the notes/layout took 6 minutes

→→ ²E♭♭ ²F ²G ³A ³B →→ →→→  ³A♭♭ *B♭♭ *C *D *E
→ ¹A♭♭ ²B♭♭ ²C ²D ²E ²F♯♯ ²G♯♯ →→ ³D♭♭ ³E♭♭ ³F ³G *A *B *C♯♯ *D♯♯
¹D♭♭ ¹E♭♭ ¹F ¹G ²A ²B ²C♯♯ ²D♯♯ →→ ²A♭ ³B♭ ³C ³D ³E ³F♯♯ ³G♯♯
→ ºA♭♭ ¹B♭♭ ¹C ¹D ¹E ¹F♯♯ ¹G♯♯ →→ ²D♭♭ ²E♭♭ ²F ²G ³A ³B ³C♯♯ ³D♯♯
→→ ºF♯♯ ºF ºG ¹A ¹B ¹C♯♯ →→ →→ →→ ²B♭♭ ²C ²D ²E ²F♯♯ ²G♯♯

To be fair 'voicing it took about 25 (and I'm used to it)! ME's samples start at low A and the Hayden actually only uses 3 of those notes. But it got there! I think your problems may be due to 2 factors - both stemming from the 'wideness' of your favoured layout :wub:

1. the buttons flow to the right screen edge ad browsers put them next line. Solution: widen your window or press [ctrl]- to 'shrink' (a standard browser command)

2. Layout was fine, but when voicing and double-flatting etc I overflowed the text input box :( solution is to use firefox, where the box can be re-sized (bottom right corner)


This has been ME's hardest test so far and it's survived it with a bit of help -_- A bug turned up that 'hangs' on re-edit, but not first time in - that's my problem.


Will make this a pre-set. As a major US maker I think Brian Hayden deserves that.

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OK - I can do your Hayden for you, but the whole idea was that the 1000 or so idiosyncratic box layouts (melodeons are the culprits in this respect) could be trwaeked in by their loving owners and then communicated in these text forums as need be - with facility to paste into the simulator.


Staggered rows are a doddle - the half button tabs are all measures to the pixel!


  >  A   B  C  D
    A  B  C  D  E  F
  >  G  A  B  C  ..
  >>  D  E   F  G  .. 


..and "Robert is your father's brother" as we say in Britain :) Typing that took me 40 seconds. alignment should be perfect, and that Hayden doesn't have any off row buttons, so why use that facility Chris


Stop treating me like a child. I put some serious effort into this last year and wasn't happy with the result. I am not a programmer, but I created a midi-based foot pedal-controlled system that could (and did) act as the band for contradances 25 years ago. I don't know what you did that I didn't do, but I don't care anymore. I found all the chords I need decades ago. That bottom F#, by the way, only exists on about six instruments that Bastari manufactured in the 1980s. Any other Hayden with that many buttons (and there aren't many) would have an Eb there.

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My apologies. I was merely trying to sort out your complaint about uneven spacing in what is technically (frankly, intentionally) a 'finite state' simulation. Your own layout difficulties could have been any of the issues flagged above and I was blissfully unaware of any undue time you might have put in on my prototypes. So sorry for any adverse feeling in this, paticularly if I came over as in any way patronising? Internet discussion can be like that I'm afraid. In view of your subtitle I'll .. say no more. :(


Thanks to all who have contributed to this and please keep feedback coming, There were several quite unexpected issues wrt the concertina family and was perhaps over assured by the ease in which my old Linota was codified by Chas. 'Hayden' is now a preset (also a new record in complexity) and if others might advise as to that low F#'s appropriateness I'll do whatever is necessary for the general good.


For the future there are a few minot bugs but it works on an iPad! XML rodecs are presently held up by Microsoft IE 'buggery' (to invent a new meaning for a very old word!) but is entirely feasible and works on other browsers Later in the year I'd hope to make offer an archive that drives any simulator via eg www.chrisryall.net/chords&box=EC. (which does nothing at present) Such a resource might reside here, on melodeon.net, my own server or for that matter - split. Its space requirement is tiny (<1k per layout = twice the concertina.net 'graphic') Present collection is inspectable as http://chrisryall.net/chords/library.xml for anyone thus interested.

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Hello Chris (yes, same Strig from Melnet). I'm going to be branching out into the anglo so was of course interested in the layout. I got it working (at home of course) but it kept saying "Warning: found 62 notes, there are 0 n voicings (?)". I think that might have something to do with the fact that none of the octaves have been marked on the 31 key C/G Anglo.


I'll have a go at making an octave-marked layout for the preset, when I actually know what they should be. :)


Oh, and final point; in the "How to use Melodeon Explorer" section you have put "concerina" instead of "concertina".

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