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Does Any Affordable Anglo30b Exist To Begin With ?


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i'm a french beginner

i purchased an unexpensive chinese 20b C/G which seems to play well, with a nice sound, but it seems diffidult to play fast irish tunes on such an instrument

I need an affordable (always the same problem...) 30b C/G to play Irish music

i was looking for something between 400 euros ( 600 euros maximum )

i don't want top quality instrument,just "middle" and playable

after some searches , i found the Stagi W15 LN, it seems to suit my preferences , and is not expensive

can anyone tell me wether i'm wrong or not ?

does correct instruments exist within this price range (400-600euros) ?

thank you very much

(excuse me for poor english)

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Hi zaxxos


Welcome to the wonderful world of concertinas! I'm only a beginner myself but this is my opinion.


Last year I played a number of anglo concertinas back-to-back before deciding on a Norman (1450 euros). I played a number of Stagis and found them to be heavy, bulky and not very air efficient. There were also a lot of beautiful but very expensive instruments (4,400 euros and up).


I concluded that a new Stagi (600 euros) was not really that much of a step up from my old german "dulcet" 20 key "concertina" in terms of playablility (It may be a quantum leap ahead of your present instrument).


Of course what you do get with the Stagi is 30 keys so you can actually play in all keys over two octaves, with lots of alternatives for nice runs.


I am also of the opinion that it is better to have something to work with now rather than waiting for a year (or more) to afford that wheatstone. dipper or connor. Of course as soon as you get the Stagi you can start saving all over again for your next concertina!


all the best,



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