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20 button C/G Anglo Brand name Frontalini


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I bought a few inexpensive concertinas that were not in perfect shape, then took them

apart, then took most of the best parts, and assembled them into two playable

concertinas. I am keeping one but selling the other, plus the leftover parts.


This one I am selling has the brand name "Frontalini". All of the notes play except the

highest B on the last button of the right hand G-row. The high F# plays on the pull on

that button though. The highest B is hardly ever used , so I figure that whoever owns

this next can get that note working. Sometimes the lowest C on the left hand C-row

sticks a little.





Here are videos of it being played:



Extra parts include:


2 ends of a Silvertone in different stages of disassembly

including 5 loose diatonic reed blocks ( I'll contain those reed blocks in small container)




2 bellows from Silvertone/Frontalini type





Some leftover small leather straps, screws, buttons and some beeswax.




1 disemboweled Scholer concertina (optional, can remove to decrease shipping weight, if you do not want it.)




If you want to buy just the leftover parts, it's $10 plus shipping.


If you want to buy the concertina without the extra parts, it is $80 plus shipping.


If you want to buy both the concertina and the leftover parts, it is still just $80

plus shipping.

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Someone is now buying the leftover spare parts.


So, all that is left is the playable concertina.


Of these videos of it being played, I think the second one is better since I am doing the chords::


I've decided to lower the price to $75, and even that is negotiable.

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