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suitable anglo tutor book

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I just got a Bastari anglo and am looking for a suitable tutor book. I can read music and understand about basic keys, etc. My current instrument is the highland bagpipes, the concertina being a quiet alternative for when the kids are asleep.


Anyway, I think that I'd like to learn the Anglo in the English style, maybe moving towards some of the Irish music later. Having rented the Rochelle, I did read through the tutorial that accompanies that, but found that it focused on basic music theory. I would also prefer not to be presented with tunes that I consider rather mundane (When the Saints, London Bridge, etc.).


Any recommendations? I read somewhere about Alan Day's website, but cannot find it.




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If you'll send me a PM with your email, I'll be happy to send you a few excerpts of "Anglo Concertina - in the Harmonic Style" which will be published shortly. It's a tutor for playing in the "English" style on the 30-button Anglo, and also features transcriptions of many recorded tunes by various artists. I'm currently wrangling the last two copyright permissions out of the big publishing houses and then it should be good to go.



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