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Dave Townsend

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Sorry, perhaps I should have give some info about it. See below:






Seasonal Songs & Stories from Dickens' London and Hardy's Wessex

A new Christmas show celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens


Saturday 22nd December

8.00 pm

Trefusis, Cecil Sharp House

Ticket prices: £15.00 (under 18/over 65 £12.00)



Exuberant music, colourful costumes and period instruments make a MELLSTOCK BAND show an essential Christmas entertainment. With voices, violin, serpent, concertina, clarinet and oboe, they bring to rumbustious life the taverns, dance halls, workhouses and street singers of town and country during Christmas celebrations, as described by two of the greatest writers of the nineteenth-century.




"Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the Mellstocks" (Susan Segal, Riverhouse Arts)




For advance tickets, please send your payment (made out to The Mellstock Band) to:


22 Swinbourne Road








To reserve tickets please email info@mellstockband.com or phone 01865 714778 / 07798 520552, stating how many tickets you wish to reserve. They can be paid for at the door. In the unlikely event of a total sell-out, pre-paid ticket-holders will be admitted first.




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Sorry, perhaps I should have give some info about it. See below:



Ta v much - I must try to make it. I'll bring rum, you sort out the bust ious stuff.

If I remember rightly from a Kirkpatrick similar bash at Xmas 3yrs ago, one could bring a picnic and dwinkies and sit on the wooden wall seat which runs right around the main hall?? (And one sometimes discreetly did a concomitant squeeze or too from box sitting in plastic shopping bag - he and Kpatrick family also had a few small breaks...... :rolleyes: )

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