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Whitby mud folks things up


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The landslide (very unclear location as so badly shot for the TV news) seemed to be above the commercial boatyard and below the houses, heading up to the Abbey, on the opposite side to you as it were.

Hope so


Let us know u are safe and if so maybe u need to write a song and a toon about the Great Whitby Mudslide.

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luckily I'm safe on the other side of the river, well away from the landslip, but poor Jude Knight who has a lot to do with folk singing and sessions in Whitby has lost nearly everything. She is (was) the only permanent resident in that terrace ( the rest are holiday lets) and her house (no. 6) is having it's roof slates removed near the end of this BBC news item3363238932.jpg


in the picture the row of 7 houses nearest to the Abbey is Aelfleda Terrace, the engineers hope to save the 2 closest to the Abbey but the others are to be demolished sad.gif

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