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Whetstone Tenor Treble


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Back again on ebay, persistent b.........! Reported, but is there any way of ebay catching this so and so? They are probably doing this for many high value items.


Sorry, can spell Wheatstone! Didn't bang key hard enough!

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Should help to sharpen up your fingering skills. ;=)


Well spotted - but (and I must say I dont know why and how many times one has to keep asking the obvious)...


Why did you not take copy the photo/page/item before ebay takes it down - so we can ALL see what you are talking about? You know the collective eye in the sky is best for all of us.


Just get the ebay page in front of you and if on PC go:


pressandhold alt key and at same press prt sc (print screen) key (top right on my keyboard), paste that it in a Word file and then attach to your post - easy peasy. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: cnetebay.doc

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This was back on today, along with a lot of expensive recording kit, a good Yamaha sax, Yanagisawa baritone sax, a ten drum kit, and some other stuff, about a dozen items or so. I reported the lot at about 3.45 pm and they have all gone! At least ebay were quick off the mark this time.


I will try to copy it next time, thanks for info on how to, my computer skills are limited!

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