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Introducing the Rose english concertina

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As promised, just before the end of the year, we are introducing the last of our intermediate models, the Rose english (http://www.concertinaconnection.com/rose.htm)

The Rose is a 45 key (G3-A6) hybrid (with accordion reeds) treble english, positioned between our Jackie/Jack entry level models and the traditional reeded Wakker english concertinas.


As with all our intermediate models, the Rose also has the same action as we use in our Wakker models: balanced sheet brass (MS58) levers with bushed metal capped nylon core buttons, key pressure set at +- 70 grams with a 3mm key travel.

This type of action is a lot more responsive and uniform than one with wire levers and plastic buttons. The instrument utilizes a natural low pass harmonic filtering, which produces a less ‘accordion like’ sound, just like the clover and Peacock. . The consistent amplyfonic position of the reeds provide a very uniform equilibrium.


Just like the Clover and Peacock, the Rose is also available in Standard, Special and Custom. Options include flat or domed metal capped buttons and natural or black finish.


The Rose is also part of our trade-in program.


Wim Wakker

Concertina Connection Inc.

Wakker Concertinas


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