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Tune-O-Tron Printouts

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The Tune-O-Tron (here at concertina.net) can be fun!


I picked out several of my tunebook entries, and saved the small .jpg images that show up for each. I printed them out but made them even smaller by setting my printer for 6 copies to a sheet.


Now I'm working on the scrapbook part... stamping, cutting, pasting, etc. It's not done yet, and I'm not trying to be too particular -- just relaxing a bit by working on a fairly simple creative craft.



Paperbag Tunebook (in progress) by bbelletunes, on Flickr


Maybe I'll get more sophisticated as time goes on... (or, just older blink.gif ha ha).

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IPad? Hmm, yeah can't glue pictures on that!

Never knew what an iPad was until I visited my daughter the other day.

I asked her if she had a newspaper. She said "Dad, that's so last century, here, borrow my iPad"

I tell you, that fly never knew what hit it :lol:

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