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Before my last spell of working away from home, I went to a few West Country Concertina Players days in Ruishton (and one Kilve), just wondering if anyone here is a regular there?


Planning on going again in the new year.



There's a Ruishton meeting tomorrow, 4th November, Malcolm. I haven't been for a while, but intend going to this one. The guest tutor tomorrow is Dave Townsend, so it should be a good day.

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Regular at their March weekends, and recently also just went to the October weekend for the first time. But only one Ruishton meeting so far, as it's rather a long way just for an afternoon.

Very pleasant and welcoming crowd and they also have a loan of instruments for beginners with a person dedicated to lending em out.


But definitely a long weekend venue if coming 200m or so;

and don't even think of going on a Friday afternoon from the Southeast (getting through Bristol alone took at least two hours including getting lost coz of awful directions and rush hour): one way from Big Smoke should be just over three hours but took us about 5.5.

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First it wouldn't post, then it posted twice!


Toying with Kilve next year. First plan is to get my left hand working on melodeon, then bring it across to concertina, maybe be ready for the next beginners' weekend!


But I will aim to get a few ordinary Ruishton events in first.

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....... just wondering if anyone here is a regular.



Yes, I go to the March weekends, now being held at St Audrie's Bay. The next one will celebrate the WCCP's 30 birthday and I will definitely be going to that. The tutors for this weekend, are: Alistair Anderson, English, John Kirkpatrick, Anglo and Irish Bishop, duet. That's some star line-up and you get to hear them all playing solo at the Saturday evening tutor's concert.



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