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Female duet duo players are happier, less confrontational

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I should explain:

http://www1.salvatio...3e?OpendocumentSalvation Army


I really like English hymn tunes, but I am not a Christian.





Hmm! Reading the last paragraph of the linked article, it seems that the Devil is still very much alive - and acting through his minions in the performing rights societies! :angry:


I agree that there are absolutely magnificent tunes written for English hymns. So much so that the borrowing also went in the other direction. The early British Socialists, hoping to eradicate religion as the "opiate of the people", re-texted popular hymn tunes. One example that comes to mind is the Welsh tune "Cwm Rhondda," which is wedded to the hymn "Guide me, O thou great Jehovah." What I can remember of the Socialist lyrics is:


See, young Lochinvar is coming,

Though his hair is turning grey;

On his lips the song he's humming:

"Shorter hours and better pay!"



Shorter hours, shorter hours,

Shorter hours and better pay (and better pay)

Shorter hours and better pay!


In his attic chamber dying,

See the Norman baron lay,

While around the serfs were crying,

"Shorter hours and better pay!"



Shorter hours, etc.


Certainly gets the message across, and is a joy to sing with any words! Anyone got any more verses?




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...some do, some do not subscribe to the religious beliefs in the songs...

I've long maintained that there are two types of songs that are very popular even with people who don't believe in their content -- religious songs and drinking songs, -- and that there are even those who consider the latter to be a form of the former. B)


And whaling songs and fox-hunting songs and..........


Is this just anything with a good tune?


Alex West

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