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Sticky Buttons (stagi 20- Button)

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I don't know how to fix your sticky button problem. But I wanted to post to mention that frequently, when no-one replies, it's only because everyone hopes someone else has an answer. We collectively don't know a fix, rather than we collectively don't want to comment.


But, have you tried graphite? It goes on dry, and is supposed to help on any surface without getting sticky. Or so I've heard. I would be tempted to try wax, after all, you can get it off again if it doesn't work. I am assuming that it's the buttons themselves sticking in the holes that they project through?


Quieter? I don't have an idea about that.


All based on hearsay, and all worth what I charge you for it, too!


Take care,

Russell Hedges


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If you look in the main part of c.net you will find this section


It shows how to replace the button sleves. These are made of rubber. When the rubber gets old the buttons slip out of line and jam in the holes. Its not a difficult job and the materials are cheap and readily available.



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With respect to sticking buttons and also where one material is rubbing against another,I repeat my previous suggestion that a small amount of silicone oil applied to the sufaces that are sticking will remove the problem.This oil is sold as silicone lubricant or anti squeek in the car trade.It is usually in aerosol form so just spray a little in the lid and apply it in very small quantities to the area giving problems.It will lubricate plastic to plastic,wood to wood,rubber to plastic or any combination.Do not use it if you are intending to stick,paint,varnish or plate the item you are putting the silicone on.

The effect will be instant.


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