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Chappell's One Hundred Scotch Melodies

Pete Dunk

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After discussions with Ex Libris of this parish (who is of course the librarian for the ICA) it would seem that this odd little book isn't in the ICA collection so despite my earlier reluctance to do so I've scanned it all before giving the book away. Ex Libris likes his scans raw so he can clean them up himself so I haven't bothered with cropping etc so if you download the scans you'll have to do that yourself. Here it is then in all its glory:


Chappell's One Hundred Scotch Melodies.


Err. Try giving us the link again. This one will get the user to his/her own dropbox public folder and not yours.... (Isn't it nice to have someone constantly harping at you? ;)

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Erm, could someone please tell me if the links in my last post work? They work for me of course but I'm the account holder! :huh:


Hi Peter


Yes they do work. I have downloaded the ABC and the PDF file versions.


Congratulations on completing a project like this. well done.


- John Wild

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So, I finally had time to actually look at the post for the completed Chappell's Scottish Melodies PDF--in the Dropbox. Be still my heart. I just set-up Dropbox for myself and I was able to suck down that entire download into the IPad app "ForScore" with narrie a hiccup. Sometimes I amaze myself. Isn't it funny how "NEED" can be such a motivating factor to learn these geeky new skills. As for the Scottish tunes, these scores are perfect for a bump-up in my skill sets--they will be a good challenge, to get me playing more than just a single melody line--so thank-you for that TallShip!! Shelly

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