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Beautiful wooden ended Edgley c/g For Sale

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Hi there. My name is Kevin Welnetz. I am forced to sell my semi - recently acquired Edgley anglo concertina. I have only played it for about 10 hours before leaving the country. I planned to learn when upon my return. It is currently in Wisconsin in the USA, and I am in Romania. My mother is at my home in Wisconsin with skype capability with video so you can see the concertina before buying it and talk to her. She will be the one to ship it. (so it will be shipped from Wisconsin, USA) I paid just over 3000 US dollars for the instrument in 2011. I bought it directly from Frank Edgley. He will vouch for me and answer any questions you may have. Pictures of the exact concertina are on Frank's blog site, also my profile picture is me playing it. I can send more pics and info if you contact me. My email is handsofbliss@gmail.com or just respond on the forum. I am willing to negotiate, though I would really like to get the full value. It comes with a hard plastic case, and is in the exact condition I got it when Frank shipped it. My mother can take close up photos, and send to your email if you need to see. I will give you her phone number, or skype name, and she is so happy to help. I do not want to borrow money from her, and I am in a situation, where I am overseas with no job except to play music on the street, and am in need of some funds. Please be respectful in making me an offer. It was a very huge investment for me. I am a 28 year old traveller and 3000 dollars is a lot. I can take a bit of a loss, but please only inquire with reasonable offers. Thank you all.

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Excuse me for asking and please don't take any offence, but curious as to why you wouldn't be using it, if you are busking and playing to make a few bob??

He stated:


I planned to learn when upon my return

Suggesting that he still does not play concertina that well yet. My guess is that he is busking with Guitar or Mandolin and singing.

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I am not offended. I played with the concertina a bit before leaving, but not enough to know a song or a scale, and as my travels have been almost one year long spanning India, Nepal, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and now Romania, keeping my pack light was of importance. Since I play flute... I decided it was more travel worthy and useful than lugging a heavy concertina with me around the world.

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