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Horseshoe Inn this Sunday Oct 7 2012?


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First Sunday lunchtime every month at The Horseshoe Inn, 26 Melior Street, London SE1 3QP. We have flutes, concertina, whisltes, guitars, mandolin, button accordion etc. Visitors very welcome.



good Mongolian momos (six or so sizeable, tasty,meat dumplings)and reasonably priced (I think 5.70 or 5.90) and I say that as someone who rarely compliments pubs on their food or prices!


a batch of beer was off last month but as soon as someone pointed it out they put a fresh barrel on and gave those affected fresh pintS - very good.

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There seems to have been a change of management, staff and menu and furniture, at The Horseshoe, since the previous session in September. Mongolian style cuisine is no longer on the menu, for starters; and the veggie options for someone like me, are limited to virtually a huge and boring plate of nachos and cheese dip. Mind you, I go there to play music, rather than eat, so last sunday, a bag of cheese and onion crisps had to suffice!




Edited to add that, for once, concertinas outnumbered other types of instrument there and in particular, English concertinas. There were a total of four, plus two Jeffries Anglos. :)

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