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Endangered Species arises again

Paul Read

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The Wheatstone has walnut ends, see the ledgers. He seems to have made quite a few in walnut around that time. Must have got a batch in then.


This is the geezer who doesn't like publishing the serial nos, used to claim it was confidential for security reasons! I still have the old listings saved so can see them any time!


My husband is a cabinet maker and says it's very difficult to tell what the wood on the Lachenal is, one end looks like rosewood, but the photos have clearly been taken at different times (background's different), can't really see the other end. The photo on the original listing shows the end with the number and doesn't look like walnut or rosewood. He needs the wood in his hand to be 100% certain. Did quite fancy having the Maccann to do some messing about on (non musical fiddling!) so might put in a bid. This might prompt it being pulled again! I don't think anyone will end up having either of these instruments!

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