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New scam: play test at your home,


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I saw this report 2 weeks ago and forgot to mention.


30 Accordions Stolen from Northern Ireland


Ken Hopkins, who has a large collection of accordions, has had 30 Accordions Stolen from his home in Northern Ireland. Ken was visited by two men on 4th August who said they wanted to buy an accordion for their grandfather. They arranged to meet in west Belfast a week later but failed to show up. When Ken returned home he discovered 30 instruments were gone. The thieves who had Southern Irish Accents had also taken a motor home and jewellery. In an interview with the BBC Ken said: "They phoned me to say they were running behind time, but they didn't turn up, at the same time they were clearing my house out." Ken said the stolen accordions had been very rare and valuable "They got the keys to the motor home, filled it up with accordions and away they went." He said he realised what had happened when he returned home to find the house ransacked. "Those accordions were quite rare and quite valuable. They were the cream of my collection and I think they might have been stolen to order. Some of them were one-offs, made for certain people." Although the 1950s accordions were stolen in County Down, police believe the instruments could be offered for sale anywhere in Northern Ireland or further afield. A police spokesperson said: "These items are rare and specialised. They are not the sort of thing you would normally see in a pawn shop or being offered for sale door to door or even on web sites. "You would not pay a couple of hundred pounds for an instrument like this and anyone who wanted one knows what they are looking for and knows a reputable seller.


Police believe the Fiat Ducato white six-berth motor home, registration W91 PVM, may have been driven out of Northern Ireland. These accordions will most likely be offered for sale without cases, if you or anyone you know are offered high end accordions such as a Hohner Golas, Scandalli Super V1 etc without cases contact the Police Service of Northern Ireland on 0845 600 8000 or contact your local police. At the top of the next page are 6 pictures of some of the accordions that were stolen. Lets hope that some of these Accordions are recovered. Please pass on this information.

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