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Letters in Wheatstone fretwork (?)

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This Wheatstone model 22 is being offered in an upcoming auction.





It appears to have lettering incorporated into the fretwork on the right hand end under the heel of the player's hand. My own ebony ended model just has the usual reflected floral tendril pattern. Any thoughts?


I have seen those with SA for Salvation army, heard of those with players initials in custom orders, but can't quite make sense of this beyond a possible 'RH&_ _' or '_ B&H_' (Boosey and Hawkes turning up in the Wheatstone story before their later involvment??).


The Wheatstone ledgers don't seem to shed light on this, although I may be missing the meaning of an abbreviation.


Have I been working too hard and started seeing things???!!!! grateful for anyone who can put me out of my misery!

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