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a bundle of well known (?) toons to play from memory/


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another list of familiar toons played at recent Leyland evening:


A Granddaughter’s Dream


Ave Maria

Bel Viso

Bianca Capanna and Glamour Girl.

Blackpool Belle

Blaze Away

Conquest Of Paradise

Cruising Down The River

Danny Boy

Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down

Don't Dilly Dally

Dream (When your Feeling Blue)


Envikens Waltz

Forget Me Not Lane

Galway Bay

If You Love Me


La Vie En Rose

Lassie From Lancashire

Monologues: Ticket To a Contract In The Sky, The D-Day Dodgers and Little Aggie.

Moon River

Moonlight and Roses

Music Maestro Please

My Florence

My Wild Irish Rose

Nessun Dorma

Norwegian Waltz

Old Flames

Overhead The Moon Is Shining

Pack Up Your Troubles

Petit Fleur

Play To Me Gypsy

Reine De Musette

Roll Out The Barrel

Sailors Hornpipe Medley

Secondary Waltz

Shanty Town

Spanish Gypsydance

Strangers In Paradise

The Blacksmith

The Carnival Is Over

The Mist Covered Mountains

The Scottish One


Triste Sourire

Walking My Baby Back Home

What More Can I Say

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Who's Taking you Home.

Yesterdays Dreams

Yodelling Polka

You Are Everywhere

You Are My Sunshine

You Made Me Love You



Moon River, Bianca Capanna and Glamour Girl. My Florence, Bel Viso and Yodelling Polka, You Are My Sunshine, Walking My Baby Back Home, Lassie From Lancashire, Roll Out The Barrel, Tipperary, Pack Up Your Troubles Don't Dilly Dally Reine De Musette, The Blacksmith, Music Maestro Please, Play To Me Gypsy, The Mist Covered Mountains, Secondary Waltz, Cruising Down The River and Shanty Town Triste Sourire Blackpool Bell and Sailors Hornpipe Medley A Granddaughter’s Dream, The Scottish One, Petit Fleur, Envikens Waltz and Norwegian Waltz Galway Bay, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, My Wild Irish Rose, Old Flames, Danny Boy and Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down La Vie En Rose, You Made Me Love You, Blaze Away, Ave Maria, Nessun Dorma, Overhead The Moon Is Shining, If You Love Me, Jealousy, Strangers In Paradise and Spanish Gypsydance. Moonlight and Roses, Andantino, Edelweiss and The Carnival Is Over. Monologues: Ticket To a Contract In The Sky, The D-Day Dodgers and Little Aggie. Forget Me Not Lane, What More Can I Say, Dream (When your Feeling Blue), Yesterdays Dreams, Conquest Of Paradise, You Are Everywhere and Who's Taking you Home.

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