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Bradford Hornpipe

michael sam wild

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The other week at Royal Concertinas at Dungworth, Neil Wayne brought along an old concertina tune book by Attack (I think). As we are in Yorkshire The Bradford Hornpipe caught my eye and Bill Crossland used his phone to take a pic and sent it me by email. I tried to put it up here but the response was that the file was too big. How can I get round that?






On looking on Google there was a mention of a Lord Bradford's Hornpipe from the early 1800s. On Wikipedia it looks as though they were from Shropshire so John Kirkpatrick might be interested.




As far as I can make out the tune , which was used as an exercise for triplets in D, looks and sounds a bit like Kershaw's HP so I may use it and keep it asThe Bradford HP not Lord Bradford's!! .



I I must admit to doing that with tunes like Wentworth House and Sheffield Park both of which have other locations in Britain and The Worsborough HP is often known as The Gooseberry HP to ignorant folk.B)

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Thanks to kautilya for the downsize. Maybe not the best of tunes and possibly put in the book as an exercise in triplets . I can't trace it anywhere else

Well it may not be the best of tunes according to you Mike, but it has already been downloaded 39 times so the people clearly beg to disagree with you!!


To recover from all that downsizing I need sustenance - it only costs 5.80 now for a big old fashioned soup bowl/plate for one of the best chickehn kormas in the country with about four big rumali rotis (thin, floppy chapatis) and onion, tomato, cucumber and yoghurt mint salad and pappadoms at the "Kash" (Kashmir - which is, where else but, BRADFORD, just up the road from the Alhambra Theatre where they have danced many a music hall hornpipe.


So either MSW has to pay the whole cost of my korma, or, so far, it's 14 pence from each downloader!


I smell a session coming on! We could take over the big top dining room and eat, drink (bring yr own booze without corkage usually too) and play merry! It is usually quiet in the afternoons.


These reviews are just about right - as of next week I reckon it will be the 45th anniversary

of my first eating there... loyal customer eh!




photo of Alhambra https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bradford_Alhambra

and the other side of the Kash is the FREE national media museum (formerly national museum of photography...



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It's been a while since I was last in the Alhambra, lovely little theatre!


Here we are then, the Bradford Hornpipe in ABC for those that only play by ear, it's a bit repetitive I suppose but then again it was meant to be an exercise rather than a pretty tune.



T:Bradford Hornpipe



Z:Peter Dunk 2012


(3ABc|d>cdf (3efe A2|d>cB>c (3BcB D2|\

C>DE>F G>Be>d|c>ea>g b>ag>e|


d>cd>f e>^de>g|f>ef>g a>fd>B|\

A>dc>B (3ABA (3GFE|1 D2d2D2:|2D2d2D2z2|


|:A>FA>d B>GB>d|(3cde (3ABc d2 e>f|\

g>ae>g e>fg>f|(3efe (3dcB A2 A>G|


F>A d2G>c e2|A>df>g a>fd>B|\

A>dc>B (3ABA (3GFE|(3DFA (3dAF D2z2:|


|:A>FA>d B>GB>d|(3cde (3ABc d2 e>f|\

(3gag (3fgf (3efe d>f|(3efe (3dcB A2 A>G|


(3 FGA (3Bcd (3ABc (3def|(3Bcd (3efg (3fed (3cBA|\

(3agf (3bag (3fed (3edc|(3dAF (3DFA d2 z2 :|

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