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Name that tune

David Barnert

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Sorry it's not really concertina-related, but someone here might know the answer. One could certainly play it on a concertina.


I heard this tune over the sound system at a restaurant I had dinner in over the weekend. Can't get it out of my head, but I have no idea what it is. Movie sound track? Video game? Commercial?


Here's the abc. It's probably not in the correct key. Copy it and paste it into the window at http://www.concertina.net/tunes_convert.html and hit [submit] to see the music, and then hit [MIDI music file] to hear it.


The notation, as displayed, has a mistake in the tempo. I intended (and the player plays it correctly) quarter note (crochet) = 90/minute.


T:What's this?
E|c>BA3A|B2^G3E|c>BA3^G/A/|B4-B G|
 e>dc3c|d2 B3G|F>GA2  GF |E4-E ||


Anyone know what it is?



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It's a Russian thing. the red army Choir do it. (hoorah! I like the RAC!) That's all I remember at the moment. They might have used it for 'the huint for red october'

Thanks. It may be Russian, but here's the scene from "The Hunt For Red October" where the crew sings, and it's a different tune.


Anyone else?

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This might be "Hymn to Red October," a full choral-orchestral arrangement of which was played over the opening credits, I think.

it is; the bit starting at 1:25 sounds similar to what you're after.

All these tunes have the same gestalt (as does the classic Russian anthem, "Meadowlands"), but it's not the same tune.

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.....so, has anyone tried plugging the MIDI into their TunePal app? being discussed on another forum line? good test, or not fair? Shelly


Perhaps not fair really Shelly, the TunePal databases are primarily to do with Irish music so it will almost certainly fail with this tune I'm afraid.

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(Sorry if I'm way off, Dave!)

Nothing to apologize for, Wendy. I know that tune well. I saw the movie (Romeo and Juliet) when it was first run. But I'm not sure anything in this thread brings me closer to knowing where I've heard the tune I mentioned in the first post before.

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