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My New Tedrow


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This is my first post since joining the concertina.net group.


I recently traded a very nice wooden flute to Bob Tedrow for one of his 30 button C/G anglo concertinas. I'm primarily a uilleann piper, and very much enjoy the sound of the pipes and anglo concertina together. When the opportunity to get such a fine instrument came around, I figured I'd give it a try to see if there was any possibility of learning the instrument. So far, so good...


Anyway, here's the second tune I've learned, "Sport". I already perform this one on the pipes, was thrilled to see that Micheál Ó Raghallaigh had recorded it, so it was a good candidate to take over to the concertina. I'm just starting to get my hands around this tune, lots more to add, lots to clean up when I'm not so nervous:




Anyway, I'm looking forward to many happy years with my Tedrow.






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Great tune Michael! The tempo (speed) and that wee bit of echo creates a nice atmosphere. From the final note I can hear that you also play the uilleann pipes. It really sounds like a pipe.


While typing this message, I'm playing the tune over and over again. It's one of those tunes that has that something extra.


Thanks :)

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