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Call for novice & experienced peformers - bus fare paid

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Sounds like fun, and it might even fit my "schedule", but I suspect that paying for a bus from Sweden or Denmark isn't what they have in mind. :D

Just take your own executive jet for a maintenance check at RR Derby and then they only need to pay your bus fare from there.............


It does sound fun and last year there was an effort to get a few squeezebox players and singers together with the aim of encouraging passing spectators to sing along to well know tunes, giving em wordsheets; but in the end the problem of finding accommodation and a lack of political will meant that particular effort did not take off....

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Just a bit more (some of which was in the previous attachment


"Sorry this is so late, we've had technical and other glitches; it's five weeks this Saturday - if you've nothing better already arranged then it's an amazing weekend as you know, even just to come along and look/listen (140 visual artists to see and buy cheap from, quirky houses, 5000 punters, eight music venues etc etc.) PLEASE COME AND PLAY!


We've attached the brand new recruitment poster (please pass this on to anyone else who might be interested, or print a couple off and put them up wherever musicians might see it), and the unfinished Outline which tells you stuff you'd need to know if you'd been before - the Notes for First-timers will be sent on next week, but you can probably get most of it from the current draft. Our 'slots' are self-service by the way, the PA will be ready and hopefully the previous Act on their last song if you arrive ten minutes early, or an empty stage if you arrive bang on time.



1. Performing name

2. Description (max 7 words for posters and listings)

3. Your own name and phone number (latter for emergencies only - see (4))

4. Contact info to put on Listings (mobile, facebook, website, UTube, whatever)

5. Saturday 12-5?

6. Sunday 12-5

7. Both or either?

8. Interested in stuff after 5pm?

9. Trzvel expenses needed if any?

10. If you think you're a 'Special', what you'd need to be able to come here.


Email is much easiest when we have 120 slots to fill!


Hope to hear from you very soon - for technical reasons, if you reply to info@OMinW it will take us half a week to see your email, if you reply to davesoke it will reach me same day (but might take half a week to reply) - I'll tell you about our technical glitches (now all solved) if you ask


It's gonna be a good un - don't miss it! Get the dates in your diary NOW!



dave smith

for OinW Team

PS Please don't use my mobile number if you know it, use email - if you aks me by email to ring you I can do so when I'm sat at my laptop with all the paperwork beside me, but otherwise I'll forget whatever we might agree! Thanks"


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Any camping?

I'll check with the witches of Pendle Hill who have cousins over that way....


"No",they say..... At least not for mouth-organ-playng-melodeon-squeezing-whistlesquirting-bespectacled-singers of a certain age ( :D


That said, I suggest u drop an email to davesoke at btinternet dot com and ask Dave if there is any 'free' camping or fields near some of the "convenience-equipped" buildings (churches, clubs, schools) which might be made available by some local worthy.


Thing is that coz there are several thousand arty-folk turning up for the week or more of talks and walks and forest happenings and sculptures most of the regular accomm (incl regional YHA) is long gone that weekend.


But have a skeg at wirksworth location in relation to map YHA.org.uk as some of them used to offer camping and use of the facilities - but not sure how near such YHAs are. There are also some YHA bunk houses in the area tho they may be dearer than a plain old campsite.



I cannot commit at this stage but if I was free nearer the time I would be happy to tag along on your coat-tails and bring some words to hand out to get passerby/crowds/families singing along (More chance of more pennies in the hat too that way!). That was to be the idea last year and Dave thought it would be v good, but in the end (as Google translates): the "whiskey was willing but the meat was raw" and the few potental members of our little band of folk backed off (accomodation being main prob).


sorry cant be more helpful and make u less unhappy! :rolleyes:

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Barn 7m from Wirksworth (unnknow whether booked or not) but it is on CAMPSITE too...





Wild camping - this was presumably/tent/cave but yr c-van would surely find a quiet bower somewhere like this within range?

Dovedale below is 11.2 miles from wirksworth (on the Chester side of the Peak district)


"Has anyone wild camped in the Peak District?


I have noticed that all the campsites tend to be in the valleys, particularly around Edale. Ideally I would like to do a 2-3 day loop starting and finishing at Edale, but camping elsewhere in between.


Joanna Stone, London


A. My mate, his kids, my kids and I camped in Reynards Cave, Dovedale the other week, the kids are only nippers. We are both both ex-forces, both responsible adults, I used to be a fireman. Our campfire was small and all evidence of our camp was removed next day. Kids loved it and have a memory that will last a lifetime. No one was hurt, nothing damaged. I honestly can't see a problem with wild camping, as long as it is done responsibly!!!

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Barn 7m from Wirksworth (unnknow whether booked or not) but it is on CAMPSITE too...


ughh - camping barn *YHA one* (as this farm has its own barns too)

is 70 quid a night for 10 people and you have to book 10 - all or nowt but the outside netty should be good for a quiet read.


The farm is in the same rate zone for tents (more for campervans.........)


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