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Inexpensive concertina bag (adaptable)

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Just for clarity, the item in question isn't a rucksack.


It's more like a rectangular semi-rigid overnight bag, with handles and a shoulder strap. It has some padding, more than a cheap gig bag, less than an expensive one. But room to pack stuff around if you want, and several pockets.


There is a compartment in the base, so if you dropped it the contents above would have some protection.


PS I should add that this describes the one I have, but the one in the pic looks very similar.

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Concertinas are small and light enough that putting them in a hard case THEN putting that inside a pack (for ease of carrying) is, of course, the safest way to go. And really... how heavy is a concertina in a hard case? I carry two Morse's... each in a hard case and then both cases inside one padded bongo bag. It's nothing to carry... at least compared to my guitar :)

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Hello, I use only for short travellings, or for going to concerts, a camera shoulder bag, padded, that has room for two concertinas. I think that the are well protected and it isn't heavy or uncomfortable then I have the bag always with me.

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