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Christian Husmann

Wheatstone Tenor EC for sale

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I would like to sell a concertina which I bought this year. The reason for it is that I have two other concertinas that I play regularly and this one is more or less just sitting in it´s case.


So, it´s a 48 key English tenor concertina meaning it´s starting on the low C and going up to f3. Six fold, air tight bellows that allow a good compression, domed keys and an air button on the right hand side. # 36628 - well, at least I do think so. It´s hard to read (see last picture) and inside (besides the stamp 6E, which is the model number I think) you can see the number 853 on both reed-pans.

The case shown on the pictures is of course included.

Well, I know it´s a post WWII instrument but it is in good condition and a reliable player.

The only thing which might need to be replaced are the thumb-straps. They do the job but won´t last many years.


Any questions left? Don´t hesitate to ask and if prefered I could upload a video of the instrument being played (although it might take a little while).


I am open to serious offers via pm - thanks.




post-163-0-34835600-1343414345_thumb.jpg post-163-0-22303400-1343414373_thumb.jpg post-163-0-16743300-1343414361_thumb.jpg post-163-0-75637500-1343414386_thumb.jpg

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