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Anglo Concertina C/G

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Please note that I have a revise price for my Stephanelli Anglo Concertina £90 for the whole package:



Stephanelli 3 row C/G Anglo concertina in black for sale. It comes with a hard case. I bought it in July 2009 from my local music shop who had bought it from Steve Clinksale in Kelso, Scotland. I have tried to learn this instrument, but now play the harmonica and mandolin instead. It’s not been used that much. I will include ‘The Anglo Concertina Demystified’ ( by Bertram Levy) which comes with two CD's which I did find very useful. I have put a few pencil marks in the book to aid my learning otherwise it is in very good condition. It’s a really great beginner’s concertina to see if you want to play it. I paid £176 for the concertina and the book/cd was about £20. I am looking for £90 for the whole package – concertina, hard case, book and the two accompanying CD’s – everything there to get yourself started! . I can send images of the concertina and the carrying case if anyone is interested.

I am afraid that I will only post within the UK. Payment to be cleared before posting.

Many Thanks

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