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N. Korean Squeeze Box

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OK, it's not a concertina, but it does have a bellows! Besides, this is one of only two groups that I think would be interested in this.


In a front page article in the July 16th NY Times about supposed westernizing trends in North Korea, there's a photo of a woman subway worker in sorter skirt and low heels. Behind her is a patriotic mural with three large figures, including a man (possibly a soldier, given his brown outfit and tall boots) with what looks like a large accordion on his back. Looks like a piano accordion to me. The woman has what looks like a drum, and the other man holds a newspaper. The three essentials of life, I guess: a newspaper, a drum, and a squeezebox!


You can see it here.


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I saw the article and the picture the other day, but didn't notice the accordion (or any other details in the mural).

You must have been sedated- did you leave the gas on after the patient went to recovery?LoL

It's a communist capitalist royalist thing: US tina players always considered playing accordion and harmonica (Mr Adler) were un-American Activities!

Check hemlines in the first on this list:




and check hemlines here with another kind of squeezebox at royalist performance



AND FINALLY ( we have been here before) but yr cursor on the next link, CLOSE YOUR EYES AND DO NOT LOOK JUST LISTEN TO VISUALISE DIRGE IN FULL FLOW

and using those wonderful deep bass notes.



I thought there was a more complete version of that but I cannot find it just now. :unsure:

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