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Must See Concertina Related Movie!

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I finally got around to watching the movie

"The Princess Comes Across"

starring Fred MacMurray, Carol Lombard, William Frawley and etc.,

last evening on a local PBS station.

A definite must see for any concertina player.

You'll roar, you'll cry, you'll laugh your sides off because of all of the concertina related material included.

The film will be appreciated by this group right up to the last line in the film.

Well worth a 75 minute inspiring investment of your precious time.

A major work on the long list of major motion pictures which feature our lovely instrument.

Seriously though folks.

I really enjoyed this silly film, but it is concertina loaded and definitely worth a watch.

For those of you with a keen ear and eye, watch for the inconsistencies related to the music and instruments.

There are multiple copies of the VHS available on Amazon.com for pennies and they are worth every one of them.

Dosen't appear that this has been released on DVD, but who cares?

Have fun,

Perry Werner

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Though it might be a somewhat so-so grade B flick, I do think that it is a major work in the concertina related cinematic oeuvre.

What other films that you know of feature the concertina, especially with such loving dubbed in playing and featuring at least one person playing more than one system.

You have to see the whole thing as the best part of the film is the last line which I won't give away here.

The other thing I enjoyed about the film was seeing Fre MacMurray working together with William Frawley which they would later do on the series "My Three Sons" which at the time it was on the air was the second longest running TV in history behind "Ozzie and Harriet"!

WOW, I just realized that on "My Three Sons" Steve, who was played by Fred MacMurray played the saxophone, my other instrument. Amazing!!!! He was shown many times playing though I can not find any information which indicates that he played the show's theme song which was played on also saxophone.

Seriously though, I found the film to be a lot of fun to watch.

Have fun,


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"A concertina! A definite symbol of the lower classes. Put the thing on the floor and it crawls.

Never have I known any good to come out of a concertina."


Must be talking about an English concertina....?

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I know it isn't strictly concertina-related, but an antidote to American slosh (sorry chaps) like the film described above is the transcendent "Wind Journeys" (Los viajes del viento-2009), an Argentine-Columbian film about an enchanted button accordion and its prisoner player. As a melodeon, as well as concertina player, I was transfixed, and have watched the film several times. Any squeeze-box player will love the hero's profound remark: "I don't play it, it plays me"! Whenever I play one of my beloved Anglos I frequently feel as if I am being played from the past by a dead engineer named Wheatstone.


The film is available on t*rrent sites I've been told.

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Must be talking about an English concertina....?

In the movie, the concertina appears to be double-reeded (wet tuning) :lol:



Doesn't look as if he's playing it, either. Whatever it is.

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