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A little tribute to Leo... with thanks to all

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Apart from his regular roundup, Leo was a great help in finding those awkward but very desirable toons which some of us wanted to have a go at but which were neither easy to locate or always in a format easy to learn.


This can lead to the best kind of musicmaking - fun, as well different people trying to get another interesting handle on a piece, all mixed up but often producing a fine new creative strand. It is more than a session - experimenting and playing and Leo liked to experiment and solve puzzles.


This link, a Tribute to Leo, exemplifies that and I know he would have enjoyed it.


It was recorded in the open air next to the marquee at ECMW 2011 on a sunny afternoon, and it shows how good a sport Dirge (and others) are when it comes to trying summat out. I had not put it up so far, as Dirge felt his playing could have been better,( I thought it was pretty good!) And it now seems a good way now to say thank you to Leo. There is also ome interesting gossip about Purcell and others as well as stuffing chickens, complimenting the peasants and much more!


There is also a super Blind Mary on a low D and a more than appropriate, happy but wistful, Moscow Nights played by Dirge with a little encouragement from yours truly to slow down the tempo!


I feel it is a good "thank you" song for Leo as it is about fond memories, musical and people sounds waning and waxing across Moscow's silver moonlit river at night. The words are of a love song, and about younger, sweeter times now well past, which makes it all the more appropriate.

"If only you could understand, how close to my heart, were those wonderful summer Moscow Nights"

If anyone wants the English words I can sort em - the "usual" version in English is a bit iffy.


So, Dirge, the floor and the first number are yours -- Take it away for Leo!


Actually you will have to wait for the link!!!!

. I have just deleted the unlisted youtube upload. The googleofflicialised copyright thieves are trying to claim they own our playing! And specifically citing Blind Mary !!!!!!!

Blind Mary / Máire Dhall / Máire Chaoch by Turlough O'Carolan 1670-1738) Unbelievable..


I need to fix something to spook them with O'Carolan's ghost and re-upload. By claiming copyright they can now stop you ticking the boxes to block embedding and use for mobile phones or tv etc.... so they can then make money and not pay you of course.



Strewth! They are blocking the deleted one now -- ere we go again with another upload at 0340 hours............





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Blimey there's hours of it...and you must have had the recorder right next to my machine. I do do quiet as well folks. I'd forgotten how good the guitarist was. Must look him up; he lived across the road from one of the most famous pubs in Somerset.


It was quite poignant listening to that; memories of a happy day in the sun, with perhaps just a little more beer than was really musical, but happy stuff, yet all the time thinking about why it had been posted up.


Anyway, partially in self defence I had to get out the Zoom and do this. Still not quite there but hopefully Leo will understand. I never use the smiley faces normally but again, as it's by 'one of us' Leo would have marked the link accordingly.


So, for leo then.nimrod latest.mp3


Edited to add; I never use emoticons and failed this time too. Just assume there was a yellow smiling face next to the attachment.


Edited a second time to add that I see now I did add the beastly thing but it's at the top of the post. How inappropriate is that. Sorry mate.

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From Wikipedia: "A dirge is a somber song or lament expressing mourning or grief, such as would be appropriate for performance at a funeral."


Absolutely moving, felt like I was at the funeral or the visitation, perfect tribute to Leo from halfway across the world. I'm sure he's up there smiling!



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Absolutely moving, felt like I was at the funeral or the visitation, perfect tribute to Leo from halfway across the world. I'm sure he's up there smiling!



Thanks Gary. I hope you're right.

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