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"concertinette" on Youtube

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heyall, I was browsing some concertina vids on the Tube of You, and ran across a number of splendid hornpipes by a user named Concertinette. Is there a chance the self same person is here on this forum, or has been? She's pretty damn good, though i may not be the best judge.


she plays a Dipper 34-button "County Clare" model anglo with burl maple ends, according to her comments under her first upload.


Concertinette on Youtube

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I echoe the words of commendation directed at Concertinnette's hornpipe project. I've found her approach to traditional Irish music to be refreshingly tasteful and unostentatious. The unassuming modesty of her technique suggests an adherence to the priorities of that East Clare style which perhaps has found its most defining embodiment in the playing of the great Mary MacNamara.


It would be great fun to see Concertinnette follow up her hornpipe series with a complimentary reel/jig project.



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apparently herself is in a band called Corvus (HERE)and play in the Sommerville/Boston area. I'm close enough to actually go see them with an hour and a half's drive!


Wow...I feel like a stalker! :blink: but hey, it's all public! B) anyway i covet her concertina mostly...and her skill!

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