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Concertina in a 150th anniversary video for Daynes Music

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The right webpage


Very nice video of the company's history, and a nice bit of concertina history too! I'll bet this is the same concertina in the George Ottinger painting on Dan Worrall's website:




Just for fun I sent a message to Dayne's Music suggesting they get Greg Jowaisas to restore it as part of their 150th year celebration!




P.S. Nice playing from cnet member RatFace as well!

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Actually, the video was updated with a slightly different transition to the "future" as requested by Skip, and re-posted. However, that lovely and historic little concertina is featured throughout, including a nice piece played by Danny Chapman, "Andante Largo, Sor" in the beginning and at the tail of the video. Google daynes music anniversary.

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