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Michel Corrette Scores for Concertos Comique

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Hello All,

This is not exclusively concertina-related, but it is my current project, so hopefully, it will qualify on that basis.

Perhaps I should have placed this in the "Tunes" section, but think it may receive a "wider" view here.

Please forgive and relocate this if posting this request here is out of order.

I am seeking a compilation of the scores for the Concertos Comique by Michel Corrette.

I have finally succeeded in tracking down (on Amazon) the score for the "Concerto Comique No. 25 in G minor 'Les Sauvages et la Furstemberg" which is among the best of the series, but I would like to have the entire series.

I'm posting here with the hope that, perhaps, Perry or Jim or Dirge or some others of you may have the material among your collections and the notion that those of you in Europe - especially, France - may have a suggestion or two for a source.

I've exhausted all of the usual sources including (perhaps, especially) the IMSLP Petrucci Music Library, as well as the Conservatory lending libraries in the US, and it is now becoming more like a search for a needle in the haystack.

None of the usual print and digital retail sources have the material and the usual search engines characteristically return the Noels and others of his more widely recorded works.

Any/All help will be greatly appreciated.

Be Well,


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Just having another look this morning, there's a free edition of Opus 8 no. 3 (originally for 3 recorders and basso continuo) here: http://imslp.org/wiki/6_Concertos,_Op.8_%28Corrette,_Michel%29

I haven't been able to find a complete critical edition of Corrette, so I assume modern editors are working from 18th century prints? These must be available somewhere on microfilm, but I haven't been able to locate them. Have you tried contacting the William & Gayle Cook Music Library of Indiana University, they have a lot of early music resources?



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