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what fool sold this man a Mcann concertina !

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Hi Guys I posted a sound clip of my first fumblings LOL and received my webcam this morning so thought I would embarrass myself further and post a rather hurried video clip

We were jamming some gypsy jazz last night and Viper mad came up as a suggestion,



I reviled my concertina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


a relatively simple progression in the key of G nice departure from my C for everything LOL it work great with the guys but was a lot slower LOL but as the video can only be 1.9mb the sound is not great or the picture and its not only badly played but badly played fast as I said I would update with my progress here it is


I think I have improved and a little gentle critique would be welcomed but suggestion like burn the concertina or better the player keep to yourself LOL


viper mad.wmv

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Hi Guys Just logged on Oh dear over a hundred views no replys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Should I start building the fire ,I can feel a joan of arc moment comming LOL



You're being paranoid! I only just heard it for starters.


Sounds pretty good to me for this early. I'd try shortening the bass notes a bit and watching the timing to give it a bit of clarity, but fundamentally, impressive.

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