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Wife Wins - Lachenal 48-key English 4 Sale


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[EDIT1] Concertina now on eBay at:


eBay Auction for Lachenal Concertina




[EDIT2] I couldn't get the original 20 MB AVI movie of me playing the concertina to work, so I've replaced it with a shorter 6 MB movie of me doing a scale.




[ Original Posting ]


Alas, things aren't working out with the wife and concertina, so I'm sadly selling my 48-key English Lachenal. I'll be posting an eBay auction shortly, but wanted to get some feedback from folks here on what they would want to see in an advertisement as a potential buyer. I've put together a web page with the details at:


Lachenal For Sale Page


I'll probably have a condensed version of this write-up in the eBay auction with a link to this page for those wanting all the gory details.


Note that the link to the AVI movie of me playing the concertina doesn't work -- I'm still trying to figure that out, but it may not be worth the hassle anyway since the file is 20 MB and takes forever to download. I might just replace it with an MP3 audio. Does anyone know how to extract the audio track from an AVI movie file and make an MP3 from it?


While I haven't finalized the starting bid / reserve prices, I'm thinking of around $600 starting / $700 reserve. I'd like to get back the $800 I spent on the original auction, but I'm not sure if that's a fair price given the real state of the concertina.



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